Setiap pemilik kucing wajib ada di rumah. Home-Kit ini juga mengandungi ubatan asas untuk masalah minor seperti luka kecil, selesema, cirit, sakit mata dan keperluan utk cuci telinga. Keperluan basic utk standby di rumah sebelum dapatkan rawatan di klinik haiwan terdekat, pemotong kuku dan Hadiah Misteri. Terdapat juga, ImmunoBoost suplemen harian kucing anda, makanan tin tambahan untuk kucing sakit tiada selera makan. Checklist dan arahan penggunaan ada disediakan. Ubatan syrup sebaiknya digunakan dlm tempoh 2 bulan selepas dibuka.

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The Essentials Kit consists of an immune booster [Immunoboost], digestive health enhancer [Prodigest], and an enriched formula shampoo [Silky Smooth] that are complete for the well-being of cat. This trio was initially used by our in-house veterinarians to support healing and to enhance the supplementary needs of every patient.

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RM47 per bottle


Rich in Amino Acids and minerals to boost immunity. Improve appetite and well-being calming effect with L-Tryptophan, especially for pets under stress. Best prevention of flu and respiratory infections Boost up natural immunity to fight against diseases. Palatable and easy to use. Highly used in clinical treatments.

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RM47 per box


Loaded with Probiotics and Pre-biotic for healthy digestion. Improve growth and well-being Formulated with
 gentle lactobacillus to maintain intestinal microflora. Best prevention diarrhoea, especially in Parvo cases,
 Perfect for sensitive digestions. Palatable and easy to use

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RM38 per bottle

Silky Smooth Shampoo

Silky Smooth Shampoo improved formula. It’s Virgin Coconut Oil (VC0) based shampoo formulated with antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Gentle and smooth on hair and skin, nourishes hair from the roots and long lasting fragrance.

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